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ORDER TICKETS NOW Barbi Tel Aviv Night Session
17/11/2017, 01:00-01:30

BEMET is the alter ego Israeli phenomenon electronic artist - Hod Moshonov. Following his last India Tour of summer 2017, he revealed a collaboration with MC Tommy (Tamar Antler), A Brazilian - Israeli unique singer, DJ & outstanding performer who leads to BEMET's new live set.

Under the BEMET moniker, Hod has been steadily building momentum over the last two years working with the giant dubstep artist - Borgore, supporting for the enormous Major Lazer act in Israel, recording and arranging for Assaf Avidan latest gold album "Gold shadow" and touring around the world with the uprising A-WA group. He also toured with the legendary drummer Poogie Bell and worked alongside the giant producer Bill Laswell on the Yemen Blues album. In addition, he collaborated with Dj BrainDeaD, the rapper E-Z and Ido B & Zooki.

BEMET performed at coveted festivals and stages around Europe, the U.S.A and Asia such as – SXSW,Paléo, Pohoda and the Drum & Bass Festival in Dresden. The live show is an explosion of light and sound that has drawn comparisons with the energy of The Prodigy and the intensity of Die Antwoord next to the hipness of MØ & Major Lazer.

BEMET is larger than life playing his custom made keytar, an instrument he is single handedly returning from its 80’s purgatory. After recording his last two albums, BEMET released his first four singles out of his Brazilian project featuring Tommy - Happy , TudoBemet, Lotto & Brasil which took the Israeli radio by storm and dazzled the media .

BEMET is also a “Loop Masters” artist, recording his first bundle and collaborating with Earth Moments company to create – “BEMET oriental synths”.